How It Works

How the Manifesting Beyond Belief Program Works

Gain powerful manifestation skills and secret techniques to manifest your desires.

Do you want more? This program goes beyond the law of attraction. Manifestation Beyond Belief teaches alchemy and ancient techniques taught by Miracle Mentor and Alchemy life coaches, Robert Zink and Rachael Zink.

What you’ll get:

Streaming access to exclusive digital content:

1. Exclusive 3-Day Workshop footage. Learn ancient rituals, clearing techniques, law of attraction methods, how to raise your vibration and more.

2. Alchemic Attunements for Sulphur, Mercury and Salt.

3. Downloadable Workbook.

4. Manifestation Audio tracks to listen to before you sleep.

5. 72 Keys of Wisdom.

6. Private Facebook Group (by request).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is this program only online or can you mail it to me?

This course is 100% online based with the exception of the workbook and audios that you will download for the course.

2) How do I access my Manifesting Beyond Belief course?

As soon as you’ve signed up, you’re able to access the program using the username and password that you have created. If you have any trouble logging in, feel free to contact our support team.

2) How long is the program?

The program is self-paced. So it can go as fast or slow as you choose.

There is 4 hours of video content and 3 hours of audio. However, the program is designed for you to watch and follow along with the workbook. We also recommend that you listen to the audios at least 2-3x per week.

4) When will I begin to see results?

Many of our course participants have reported immediate results, however the results vary for everyone. We believe that if you commit to the program and set your intentions you will expedite your progress.

5) Where did this content come from?

This is live workshop footage originally taught in Taos, New Mexico. The workbook and audios were developed by Robert Zink and Rachael Zink specifically for the Manifesting Beyond Belief Program.

6) If I purchase the course and change my mind, do you offer refunds?

Due to the proprietary nature of the videos, workbook and audio content, we do not offer refunds.

Please note before purchasing. By purchasing this program, you understand that the content is for educational purposes, only. Since we don’t know your personal situation, we can not provide specific advice. We 100% believe in our classes and if you feel that you did not receive adequate training through it, then feel free to reach out to us so we can offer suggestions on how to best leverage our program to empower your life.