As human beings, we find ourselves getting carried away with the outside noise and other’s opinions. The way society is built, the available opportunities, the opinions of family members on what we should or should not do, the economic situation, and more. We find ourselves so consumed with the surroundings and the circumstances that we just follow what we think we can have or can’t have. Have you ever sat with yourself for an hour and asked yourself, what do you really want and why?

By taking some time off just focusing on you and listening to that voice within you that guides you, you can get most of the answers that you’re seeking. All the answers are within you, and the more you allow yourself to dive deeper, the more you uncover.

Who are you outside your friends, your partner, your colleagues, and your family? Take note of the things that come to mind and write them down without judgement. Now ask yourself, what do you like to do and what are you good at? This gives you a sense of direction on where to go next and what actions you can take. So for instance, if you find that you are drawn to humanitarian campaigns, and you have charisma and presentation skills, you could look into things related to activism. If you have a passion for helping others and you believe you’re intuitive and find yourself drawn to psychology, you could look into social worker jobs, therapy related roles, and more. Gaining clarity is not just about finding your purpose and career goals, it is also about understanding the relationships you want to have in your life, hobbies and talents that you would like to master.

Now that you have some clarity, it is time to identify how you’re getting in your own way. Are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone? Do you fear being judged or criticised? Do you think you’re unworthy of a fulfilling life? Identify what your mental blockages are. The first step to growth and success is self-awareness. From there, you can make a decision to keep going down that road or to take the leap of faith and embrace who you are and where you want to go next. It sounds easier said than done, though, everything in your world can be changed just by making a decision. Are these fears and worries in alignment to your goals? If not, then you need to drop them once and for all. You need to start looking at things from a fresh perspective. Surround yourself with supportive people, and if you don’t have that, it is time to join communities of like minded people. You can get into a meditative state, and ask yourself questions like “how do I get out of my own way?” “What is a better way to look at things?” Let the first answer come to mind without forcing it, and you will find the answers.

You have to get uncomfortable to step out of that bubble. Create S.M.A.R.T goals to achieve your objectives, and work on changing your mindset simultaneously by installing new habits. Find a community that supports your passions, practice daily affirmations, change your internal dialogue to an empowering one, develop confidence within yourself, be honest with yourself about what you truly want and don’t want, and take action to get what you want.

What are you doing today to stay in alignment with your goals?