• Are you trying and trying to get out of funk? 
  • Do you keep trying to change your mindset and you still find yourself stuck? 
  • Have you tried every technique out there to change your perspective on things and nothing changed? 
  • You’re not alone!

We all have old programming running in our subconscious mind that is affecting our view of the world and our reactions to things. 

Let’s uncover these mental blocks to help you maintain a peace of mind.

There are major factors that contribute to our belief system from a young age. The main factors are family and school (including school friends). Now take some notes of the beliefs your family hold, the environment of your household, the environment of your school, the school system, things you were taught in school and the beliefs of your school friends. Now, take notes of your current beliefs, behavior and attitude, and compare them to the family and school list. You will notice the correlation between your mindset and your family & school.

There are three types of limiting beliefs:

  • Self-limiting beliefs: The unhealthy beliefs you have about yourself, your skills, your talents, your intelligence, your beauty, your self-worth and more. Beliefs like “I am not good enough” or “I am awkward around people” are subconscious ones that keep replaying, and you act and behave based on these beliefs.
  • Limiting Beliefs about People in General: Believing that people always let you down, that no one truly loves you and that love hurts creates a lot of fears and insecurities in relationships and trust issues. Even if people show up for you, your mind will only perceive the aspects about them that show you that you can’t trust them. That is how the reticular activating system works, and you find yourself acting on that by pushing people away.
  • Limiting Beliefs about Life and The World: Thinking that everything is against you and that life sucks puts you in a poor mental state, and you reject the good when it comes to you to protect yourself. It is a form of self-defense mechanism to avoid getting hurt, and this cycle keeps replicating.

Practice being present to reduce overthinking.

You can do that by practicing mindfulness or doing daily meditation to quiet the noise in your head and the noise outside. Take the opportunity to be still, and access the voice within you to guide you on what actions to take. Your happiness and mindset is your responsibility, so make that your priority from now on. It shapes your life in every way. 

Change the atmosphere of your bedroom and/or workplace to create a more uplifting vibe, and find a way to enjoy the things that you do on a daily basis. Make them more fun so that you find joy in things and detach from all the fears and limiting beliefs that cloud your mind and cloud your judgement. As for some mindset shifts, start by creating a list of what is currently in your control and what you currently like about your life. If you knew what is in your control, you would change your approach towards your relationship life, your job, and more. Also, by shifting your focus to what you do like, you begin to see the bigger picture and change your mindset. Affirmations are a fantastic tool to use whenever you need to redirect your thoughts. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself mentally, spiritually and emotionally, as they are all intertwined. You can choose today to look at yourself as limited or limitless.

How are you shifting your mindset today?