Manifestation is a natural process that happens all the time. 

Quantum physics has proven over the years that Earth is NOT constant, everything is energy and energy is always flowing. The sources that back up manifesting are usually from religious texts and quantum physics, what about psychology? Isn’t psychology all about mindset? Or is it simply for understanding human beings and healing trauma? In this blog, we are diving a little deeper to uncover the psychology behind manifestation. 

In recent years, therapeutic practices have evolved tremendously. One of the main practices that are talked about and backed up by numerous sources is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is a form of therapy that is focused on changing thought processes and unhelpful thinking that affects our feelings, actions, and behavior. Psychotherapists use this practice to treat many mental disorders, from anxiety & depression to eating disorders and personality disorders. As taught by the law of attraction gurus, to manifest you have to change your beliefs, which are caused by your thought process. CBT therapy also focuses on goal-setting, techniques to change mental processes, and monitoring our thoughts and our feelings. As conscious creators, we understand that our state of being is creating our world. Our thoughts create our feelings, and our feelings affect our behavior and habits.

Hypnotherapy is another form of therapy that is used with the intention to alter deep subconscious programming. Psychology has revealed that the unconscious mind is always operating, and it is wide awake during relaxation, waking up and falling asleep because that is when our conscious mind is quiet. The concept of the Law of Attraction is ‘Ask. Believe. Receive.’ Hypnotherapy is what therapists recommend to change habitual thinking and create a new perspective as the version of that we want to become. John A. Bargh and Ezequiel Morsella stated in their article, ‘The Unconscious Mind,’ the following:

“Several theorists have postulated that the conscious mind is not the source or origin of our behavior; instead, they theorize that impulses to act are unconsciously activated and that the role of consciousness is as gatekeeper and sense maker after the fact.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza explained the relationship between the unconscious mind and the emotions we feel in our bodies. He has stated that our mind cannot differentiate between imagination and reality, therefore, the emotions that come up as a result of a new thought or a past experience manifest in our world. The more we think about something the more neurons that fire together to wire together.

Psychology is all about reprogramming the subconscious mind and installing new beliefs. 

Even though the intention behind it is to heal and change our perspective, this is still a form of healing manifestation. Mindfulness is another technique that is taught by many therapists to change beliefs and get us into the receiving stage. As Eve Fasham says, “Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.” This technique helps us be still, reconnect with ourselves, and shut down the mental chatter. This is when we let go of the unhelpful thinking and get into a space of receiving. 

Taking action and changing our behavior is a huge part of manifesting as it adds to the momentum. Law of Attraction gurus and Psychologists study Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to alter these habits. NLP is a series of language and sensory-based therapies and behavior-modification approaches aimed at helping clients enhance their self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, and social activities. The aim of NLP is to assist the client to understand that how one views the world has an impact on how one behaves in it and that changing one’s ideas and behavior patterns is necessary. For instance, if someone wants to lose weight, NLP can help with food cravings and improve one’s relationship with food. 

The law of attraction and psychology teach different concepts that achieve similar goals. Even though therapists don’t explicitly explain manifesting, it is all in alignment with how the law works. As Ram Dass says “We’re all just walking each other home.”

Have you ever incorporated therapy with manifesting, what was your experience?