Manifestation is a natural process that we are constantly doing at a subconscious level. Now that a lot of us have been spiritually awakened, it’s time to take things to the next level and alter our destiny. Everything that you desire is just within arms length and it’s all within your grasp. 

As conscious manifestors, we understand that we manifest from states. If you’re in a state of lack, you receive more lack. If you’re in a state of love, you receive more love. That also goes for your overall health. You create your life, and just like you attract negative instances, you can always attract miracles into your life. Your overall mental health impacts your vibration and your mindset. 

How can we manifest health?

Identify health means to you.

What does health look like? Write a list of things that you can incorporate for a healthier lifestyle. This can include adopting a new exercise routine or controlling your stress levels. Understand that happiness is NOT something that is tangible and it’s not the goal. The word “happiness” in itself is vague. 

What does happiness mean to you?

Get clear on what it means to be happy, because it’s something to experience from within. It’s not related to your love life, it has everything to do with where you place your focus. Placing your focus on negativity attracts more of it because energy flows where attention goes. 

What would it mean to embody a version of you? 

How does a happy, healthy, wholesome version look like to you? What thoughts do you think? How do you go on your day? Action the things you can action in your mind and in this physical world.

Manifesting an improved mental health might SEEM difficult as depression and anxiety feel so prominent. You really want to start controlling the content of your mind because these manifest into feelings and physical manifestations. Along that, start becoming your own best friend. It’s time to shower yourself with so much self-compassion and love. You’re going through a lot, so treat yourself the way you would treat a friend. 

Give yourself the love that you need in these difficult moments. You can also start pursuing a healthy support system by choosing to be around people and communities that cheer you on and hype you up. The more time you spend with supportive, caring people the more you will attract. 

How about manifestation and food?

There is a common misconception that certain food affects our manifestation. The truth is that food is just energy, and our beliefs surrounding food is what affects our mood and diet so beware of what you consume. Food does affect our vibrations, but it doesn’t STOP a manifestation. So don’t fret or be so hard on yourself right now. Remove the NEED to put certain food in your body to manifest, we have been manifesting since the day we were born. It’s our thoughts that manifest into feelings and circumstances. However, you might want to practice mindful eating and a healthy balanced diet (whatever you believe that consists) to keep your vibrations in check.

Tell us about your experience with health and manifestation. What challenges are you overcoming or what tips do you have to share? Leave a comment below.