Most manifestors put more effort toward manifestation than they need to! They do it like it’s a chore more than being intentional with focused effort.

Your healthy lungs that are helping you breathe now is a manifestation. Reading this blog right now is also a manifestation. Every single person you get in contact with daily is a manifestation.

How can you create the space to sit back and relax, when the signs of what you want are not clear?

Tip #1: Believe in Your Manifesting Power

The power lies within YOU – what does that mean? It means that nothing is good or bad, you are the one that assigns meaning to circumstances. It’s all a creation of your mind, even your emotions are created by your mind. If you say that something isn’t working, you’re right. If you declare that it’s already yours and it will show up because it’s always working out, you’re right. It is whatever you say it is! That is how much power you hold. The best way to believe in your manifestation power is entertaining thoughts that align you with your highest self. Become your own affirmations tape. This is how you start believing in your manifestation, which you can incorporate into your scripting to lock your mind on what you desire and not entertaining any unproductive thoughts. As effective as visualisation is, this is only a 15 minute exercise out 24 hours a day.   What are you doing with your mind the whole day?

Another way to believe in your manifestation power, is to set intentions to manifest small things daily. You can intend for clarity, intend for a sunny day, intend for a text from a friend where you’re not attached to that outcome and many more. Intention is super powerful. That’s how you plant the seed of your desire so you can water it and let it grow. Looking for signs on YouTube can be helpful but you’re still seeking validation and answers outside yourself. “Ask.Believe.Receive.”

Tip #2: Be Consistent

You’ve probably had success with some of your manifestations – big or small. Go back to these moments and ask yourself what worked for you? Take a moment to realise the beliefs, affirmations or technique that worked for you and how you let go of the attachment. Consistency is key. Rather than jumping from one technique to another, stick to what worked for you. Besides, doing all these techniques communicates that you don’t believe the seed has been planted already. These methods work because they raise your vibration, but if you don’t do the inner work, you will go back to ‘trying’ to manifest and ‘struggling.’  Make it a practice till you perfect it, because the Universe has no choice but to deliver your desire.

Stop allowing anything to get in the way of your practice, especially others opinions. People’s opinions are irrelevant unless you give their voice power. The whole world is within you and when you change the inner world, your manifestations will materialise in the outer world.

Tip #3: Living In The End

Neville Goddard talked about this over and over again, because when you live in the state of wish fulfilled you get out of the state of ‘want’ and ‘need.’ Instead, you’re in a state of ‘I have’ and ‘I am.’ This really works because you attract what you ARE not what you WANT. Everything and everyone is YOU pushed out, so when you live in the end, you’re aligning with the version of you that is already living in the ideal reality. Start thinking FROM the best version of you, instead of thinking OF/ABOUT. You can do that through visualisation, brainwashing yourself with affirmations, watching motivational videos, etc… All you have to do is persist in reality and talk about your manifestation in a way that only makes it show up in your world.

What do you want to manifest most in your life? Comment below.