“Collective Manifestation provides a blueprint for shifting from a story of individual powerlessness . . . to a story of united visionary intention.”Melissa Wadsworth

As conscious creators, we understand that everything around us has been manifested according to the energy we aligned to for a period of time. There are things, however, that we do not understand how we could have possibly manifested, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

A sociological concept that has been discovered and has brought to our attention this idea of a collective manifestation. This concept has been developed by a psychoanalyst, Carl Jung. According to Jung, he stated that collective manifestations are caused by archetypes, which are our overall thought patterns, behaviors, images and symbols which are passed down from our ancestors. Researchers have been looking into this concept, researching the role of neuroactive compounds in relation to collective manifestations. 

“The collective unconscious is currently being examined in a different light. Psychiatric research is now looking at the role of bacteria in the collective unconscious. Genes in gut bacteria outnumber the genes in the human body, and these bacteria may produce neuroactive compounds.”

Collective manifestation explains that we are all one and interconnected, so our energy adds up which creates certain outcomes. A lot of our subconscious programming stemmed from a young age, and we have all had similar programming before we discovered the law of attraction. Manifestation is an ongoing process, therefore, our self-discovery journey is forever ongoing. 

Quantum physics backs up the idea of a collective manifestation, which is known as ‘Quantum Entanglement.’ This is a physical phenomenon that takes place when a group of particles is connected. Everything is energy, and energy is made of atoms (particles). The energy that we align to adds up to a specific manifestation, consciously or unconsciously. This is the purpose of sharing this knowledge about the law. As it inspires us, as a collective, to embody the energy that moves us to a reality that is happy, healthy and whole. This is how we find ourselves transmitting thoughts to others or picking up on others energy, we are all connected. A simple example of this is when you think of something, someone else brings up that topic the same day or you see someone post about that very thing you were thinking about.

Everything in this world is malleable. It is only set in stone when you decide it is. Therefore, each one of us holds so much power. We know that in our reality, in our own quantum bubble everyone is us pushed out. This is why we can manifest whatever we desire. Somehow, our quantum bubbles intersect and this is how we are all connected. Science is still catching up with these spiritual teachings, so we don’t fully understand yet how every little thing in this world operates.

During a natural disaster or a world pandemic like today, we all pick up on each other’s energy. In the modern world we call it “the vibe.” We feel how in pain we all were last year, and the glimpse of hope and light we are all seeing or expecting to happen sometime this year. This just shows that together, we can find the light. We lift each other up to a greater future and a more inspiring present. This is exactly why it is important to surround yourself with likeminded people who are helping you, and themselves to move forward rather than backwards. Distancing yourself from those who constantly gossip and complain can help you protect your mental space and your own wellbeing. Lets create a better world for our own good, and the good of others.

What are your thoughts or experiences with group consciousness?