“You’ll see it when you believe it”Wayne Dyer

The biggest step to manifest everything you desire is to clear resistance. Resistance is the opposing thought(s) that is blocking you from receiving your manifestation, for example, if you are manifesting a million dollars but you have thoughts working against this desire, it will take awhile for it to unfold. Thoughts are energy and they are creating our feelings, and transforming our reality. Thoughts like “rich people are evil” or  “the poor get poorer,” are on autopilot and are working against the million-dollar manifestation, and what we believe is what we experience. 

There are different ways to clear these blockages, and a very powerful one is Reiki. Reiki is an energy healing practice that was developed in Japan performed by a practitioner. It is Japanese. The words “rei” means “universal” and “ki” which is “life energy.” The energy healer transfers the energy from their palm to the patient’s body. Reiki is used to heal both emotional and physical pain or stress. Our emotional stress can be linked to multiple events from childhood that have developed into belief systems which are creating these repeating patterns. Reiki is a great way to break the pattern, because you get to let go of the mental imprisonment.

You can contact a Reiki healer and book an appointment to discuss the issues that you are experiencing and heavy emotions that you would like to get off your chest, literally. However, while Reiki is a fantastic tool to assist you with your manifestations, that does not mean that you can allow yourself to spiral. No matter how much energy healing or therapy you get, you still have to align your thoughts with your chosen reality. Your brain soaks every affirmation you think, speak and text. Think of your brain like a computer with multiple folders. If you allow yourself to spiral on “I am not good enough” files, it will be saved in your ‘Self-Image Folder.’ This is exactly how your brain programs are created so be aware of the content of your thoughts and language. 

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