Manifestation is a natural process that is happening all day every day. It is one of the many laws out there, such as the law of gravity. Though the current knowledge we have is NOT universal. The Law of attraction is taught virtually, rather than at educational institutions. Therefore, the vast majority are unaware of this truth. We are taught that people act on their own, that certain things are meant to be, and that we have to follow societal rules to fit in. However, these are all assumptions, and once people discover the truth they somehow become addicted to binge-watching videos and reading daily content.

This is one of the main reasons why people struggle with manifesting rather than enjoy the process of creation, they are living their life to create something and stressing about it instead of trusting and letting it be until it shows up. The idea that we shift to an alternate reality based on our beliefs is mindblowing, however, this is NOT a quick fix. Manifestation is an ongoing, life-long process. Through this process, we uncover our beliefs – the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s important to make peace with the fact that we will experience a lot of ups and downs through this process of unlearning old beliefs and forming new ones while being faced with the current circumstances. The way to do that is to simply accept that this is a temporary part of the process.

Let go

Practicing letting go of the old stories and living as if the desire is already done is one of the biggest hardships that people experience. The way to truly enjoy this is by making this journey about inner peace, rather than placing your happiness in the future and making that dependable on your manifestation. You can be happy now AND when you get your desires. 

“In surrender, you no longer need ego defenses and false masks. You become very simple, very real. “That’s dangerous,” says the ego. “You’ll get hurt. You’ll become vulnerable.” What the ego doesn’t know, of course, is that only through the letting go of resistance, through becoming “vulnerable,” can you discover your true and essential invulnerability.” – Eckhart Tolle

Be present

The present moment is all we have. The past only exists in the mind and the future is created based on our beliefs. The present moment represents the manifestations that have materialised, that we once prayed to receive. It is time to bring ourselves back to the present moment and really feel into every moment. Practicing daily gratitude for things that currently invoke feelings of peace, serenity, love, joy, and abundance is life-changing. Get a brand new gratitude journal and write about the things you love, which ultimately takes the focus off what you don’t have and what you don’t like.

Be happy

To truly be happy and enjoy the manifestation process, you have to start prioritising that and stop making that conditional on what you don’t have. Happiness is an inside job that every individual is responsible for. So start noticing the current things in your life that are giving the same feelings you would develop if you had what you wanted – satisfaction, peace of mind, and relief. Simultaneously, whenever the desire comes to mind, remind yourself that it is taken care of and currently materialising. You have done the affirmations, the visualisation, and the intending, now is your time to relax and go on your day.