In this blog, we’ll share steps for unlocking your hidden powers and learning how to manifest anything.

In my personal journey, I’ve learned that manifestation entails 3 things:

1) Clarity

It’s easy for people to say what they don’t want. But do you know what you do want?
It’s crucial to identify what you truly desire and how you want it to come about, so that you communicate that to the Universe and things begin to flow easily. If you desire a new relationship, define what it means to be in a committed relationship. What does a “perfect” relationship look like to you? Outline the qualities of your ideal partner and your ideal relationship. The moment you clarify your true desires is the moment you get unstuck. Clarity gives you a sense of freedom and direction. Sit with yourself, listen to your inner voice and let it lead the way.

2) Discipline

Are you ready to put effort and focus into manifestation?

A lot of people in this community truly understand the law and how it works. The problem is not the lack of knowledge, it’s the lack of application. It’s about disciplining your mind to stay in alignment with your manifestation until it materializes. Self-discipline is a form of mental resilience which is achieved when practice is perfected. The moment it becomes habitual, you develop a sense of freedom and it becomes easier to stay on top of your thoughts. This isn’t a quick fix or your homework, it’s a lifestyle.

3) Belief

The last and most important step is belief. We always get caught up in the physical world and the events taking place, when what we really need is to press the pause button and go within. Our deep rooted beliefs have to be altered to change our lives. The actions we take on a daily basis are simply boosters, the real work is overcoming limiting beliefs to avoid unwanted patterns. Start flipping your destination beliefs to directive beliefs in order to use them as a feedback. The feedback can help you identify your areas of improvement. Take a good look at why and how you feel about certain things and start changing that story and really dedicate yourself to this.

Many of us had experiences as children or throughout our life that prevented us from getting what we desire. Somewhere along the line we formed limiting beliefs that we were not capable, lovable or that the possibility of achieving our dreams is too far from where we are today.

You can attract anything that you want quickly or slowly. That’s up to you to decide.

Once I attracted everything that I desired. I reverse engineered how I did it.

I took all the learnings from the 1,000s of books that I read, the years of training in mysticism and magic, my study of crystals, alchemy and goal setting then put them into Manifesting Beyond Belief.

Several people all over the world have attracted their soulmates, quadruple their income, got their dream jobs, bought their dream house, live a life full of happiness and continuous blessings as a result of participating in this program.

We haven’t promoted this program much until now. It’s my belief that anyone that is willing to achieve clarity in their life, has the discipline to complete this program and wants to overcome their limiting beliefs will get all that they desire and more.

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On behalf of me and my wife, have a great day because you deserve it!

Robert Zink & Rachael Zink