As conscious creators, we understand that destiny can be shaped in our hands. We understand how energy works and parallel realities from a quantum perspective. Most of us immediately jumped to applying the knowledge as soon as we watched ‘The Secret,’ knowing that we can quantum leap to our desired reality where we have everything we have always wanted. Throughout this spiritual journey, our knowledge and understanding expand more and more, and we begin to realize that manifesting is a journey of personal development. 

Conscious creators consume a number of contradicting content from different resources which can cause confusion as to which practice they should approach. There is no doubt that clarity is the most crucial part to manifest what we desire, and we are here to help you. Our program, Manifesting Beyond Belief, will guide you through all of the steps to step into your ideal reality and manifest the life of your dreams.

Have you already created a plan? If not, follow these steps…

Start writing down a list of what you desire to manifest into your life. Under each column, be specific about your desire and why you want it. For example, if you want to manifest your ideal body, you have to get clear on the body type you would like to have, dress size, body shape, metabolic rate, skin type, and more. The more specific you are, the clearer the picture becomes in your mind. Manifesting a specific person is definitely a hot topic in this community, and the reason why a lot of people struggle to manifest the love of their life is a lack of clarity. Simply affirming that you are in a perfect relationship is NOT enough. What kind of partner do you want? What are your needs in a relationship? What does ‘perfect’ mean? What do you want to feel and experience with that person? 

Understand that we manifest from states. If you are in a state of lack and confusion, that’s the energy you match up to and it perpetuates in your world. You manifest what you ARE, NOT what you want. Start identifying the process that you resonate with the most so you can stick to it. If you are visual, then you might want to visualize every night your desire and doing mirror work in the morning to soak your mind with affirmations, while raising your vibration the first hour of the day. Live throughout the day as the version of you that has what they want.

 Remember, a manifestation is all about YOU, not the outside circumstances. The outside is simply a mirror or a shadow of your beliefs, thoughts, and assumptions. Taking action can definitely keep you in alignment with your goals and it adds to the momentum. Instead of waiting for that job offer to change your life, start buying new work clothes and researching that specific industry. If you’re manifesting marriage, start looking up wedding dresses, wedding venues and buy wedding cards. This way you match up with the energy of your desire and you bring the 5D to the 3D.

Manifesting Beyond Belief includes a step-by-step system and workbook for setting clear goals, sign-up today and join our community of manifestors!