Your current circumstances do not have to be your future circumstances when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

You are in control of your destiny in your reality – Finances, career, relationships, hobbies, and many more. All the answers that you’re seeking are within you, because you shape and mold your reality with the power of your mind. It is NOT your fault that things didn’t work out, however, you are empowered with this knowledge now to implement changes.

Here are some tips to implement into your life:

Quit Seeking Answers Outside Yourself:

All the answers that you’re looking for are within you. If you’re constantly looking for signs or validation from tarot readers, then you haven’t fully grasped that everything is within your reach and it is what you say it is. Signs that you see like 11:11 are a great way to celebrate that your desire is coming to you, however, if you’re searching for these angel numbers on your clock or license plates then you are operating out of fear. Just because you’re not seeing any signs doesn’t mean that it’s not working out. You already planted the seed, so your desire has no choice but to show up. All you ‘NEED’ to do is ground yourself, stay calm, trust your magnetic power, and connect with the Universe.

Law of Attraction is a Lifestyle NOT a Quick Fix:

A lot of times people wonder how to get a text and their entire focus is on getting that text message. The goal here is not to just receive contact from a specific person, it’s to train your mind to have a harmonious, committed relationship. Train your mind to change your self-concept and your views on relationships to attract the love that you crave. The text will come if you are both in a healthy relationship with consistent communication, so focus on using the law of attraction as a lifestyle rather than a quick fix. Educate yourself with our YouTube content and really enjoy the learning process! Create a vision board to get clear on the life that you desire, and while doing that, face your fears with the courage to knock out these old thoughts. DON’T EVER GIVE UP!

Take Your Power Back:

Nothing is black or white, good or bad. You’re the one who assigns meaning to EVERYTHING – that’s how much power you hold. Wanting to change the ‘bad’ circumstances doesn’t change them, neither does ‘wishing.’ Instead, decide in this very moment that you will assign meaning to things in a way that aligns with your manifestation no matter how dire your situation seems. You have no idea what is happening behind the scenes and how things can unfold. So start to make it a habit to see the blessing that comes from this roadblock. Absolutely everything is within your reach, so start believing that and apply this knowledge to your life. Believe it and you will see it!

Affirm today: My potential to succeed is infinite!

What are your favorite affirmations? Comment below.