“The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want.” – Abraham Hicks

We live in a time where our planet is suffering from a pandemic as our health and financial life are being compromised. People are losing their jobs and graduates are struggling to find the career of their dreams as businesses are closing. Even though it seems complicated and almost impossible, there is still a lot of light at the end of this tunnel.

3 Tips on How to  Manifest A Job Offer

Look Inward

The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. If you focus too much on what’s happening around you, the devastating news, and the social media conversations about this, you will get consumed by these. Your subconscious mind sees and hears everything, so it soaks all that information. Take the time to detach from social media and the news because you won’t miss anything. You are capable of getting tons of job offers when things businesses reopen. Businesses will need employees.

Need a job now? Essential services like healthcare and grocery are still operating. There are always opportunities available!

Stop Tying Money to ALL of your Manifestations – The reason why many people find it so hard to attract money is that they tie it to getting a job, pay the bills, and manifest their dream home.

Money and what it pays for are not the same thing. If you have bills to pay, use your mind and energy to envision paying them. Visualize your landlord telling you that you’re all squared away for this month. Now that you paid your bills energetically, you’re leaving room for money to come in with reduced fear and the anxiety of the time crunch (which just adds more resistance, by the way).

Focus on getting a job that you’re passionate about rather than to make money, to pay the bills and purchase a new home.


Everything is energy. Money is energy, career is energy and love is energy. Energy CANNOT be created or destroyed, it’s already here. As stated on this Medium blog post, “Visualization works because our minds can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagination”.

Get into a relaxed state and picture yourself getting an email saying that your application is accepted and the interview date. See yourself driving to that workplace after you got selected and calling your loved ones to tell them exciting news! If you remember what the workplace looks like, see yourself get in the elevator there and meet your colleague.

Be Creative

The job market is highly innovative and expansive now, so take this time in lock down to plan how you can be more creative. If you’re a new entrepreneur or looking to own a business, research ways of offering that service at the highest standard and surpassing your competitors. Listen to Robert Zink and Geraldine Convento’s podcast episode about creative ways for making money if you need some guidance.

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